Saturday, November 13, 2010

Books to love and to have

Chronicle Books has a contest for you and me, and it is called Happy Haul-idays.  It is a contest for everyone who loves books and find happiness in reading books :)

Even though this blog isn't particularly about books, but I love baking and cooking books and I have several Chronicle books in my library already.  Each one of Chronicles books is gorgeous in both the design and photo aesthetic. By entering this contest I have a chance to win $500 worth of books of my choice; and for you readers, if you like my book list and leave comments on my post, you'll be automatically be entered in the contest and have a chance to win my list.  There's one catch, you have to be a US resident to enter this giveaway.  This contest ends on 11:59 pm EST, December 14, 2010.

So why not make the list and enter it?  Here is mine:
Flour: Spectacular Recipes from Boston's Flour Bakery + Cafe

Farmers' Market Desserts: Gorgeous Fruit Recipes from First Prize Peach Pie to Chocolate Cherry Cupcakes

Whoopie Pies: Dozens of Mix 'em, Match 'em, Eat 'em Up Recipes!

Chocolate Cakes: 50 Great Cakes for Every Occasion

Baking for All Occasions: A Treasury of Recipes for Every Celebration


The Chocolate Deck: 50 Luscious Indulgences

Ice Cream Treats: Easy Ways to Transform Your Favorite Ice Cream into Spectacular Desserts

Cake Stencils: Recipes and How-To Decorating Ideas for Cakes and Cupcakes

Bon App├ętit Celebrations Deck: 50 Recipes for Special Parties and Happy Holidays All Year Long

Fast, Fresh & Green: More Than 90 Delicious Recipes for Veggie Lovers

Rice Pasta Couscous: The Heart of the Mediterranean Kitchen

Sunday Soup: A Year's Worth of Mouthwatering, Easy-to-Make Recipes

The Big Book of Soups and Stews: 262 Recipes for Serious Comfort Food

Saveur The New Comfort Food: Home Cooking From Around the World

Where Flavor Was Born: Recipes and Culinary Travels Along the Indian Ocean Spice Route

Martin Yan's China

Quick & Easy Korean Cooking: More than 70 Everyday Recipes

Lobel's Meat Bible: All You Need to Know about Meat and Poultry from America's Master Butchers

Puff: 50 Flaky, Crunchy, Delicious Appetizers, Entrees, and Desserts Made with Puff Pastry

This last one book is not about baking or cooking, but it's something that, if I win, I will give to my husband as a gift for Christmas.  He loves Beatles, and for all his patience for being my food taster, he deserves a great book like this.

The Beatles Anthology

My total comes to $499.30, not bad, huh? :)  Now, I'm crossing my fingers and hope for the best!


  1. I never made it into the cookbook section, but your list is fantastic. I'd love all of these! I had a hard time getting out of the art/design section. Here's my list:

    thanks for visiting! I have quite a bit of Chronicle books, so this list is to add to my collection :) love the art/design section as well!

  2. Any cooks dream collection, I really wanted to include that meat bible on my list as well, but ran out of room.

    oh! I know there're so many books I want to have but I'm keeping only baking books list for myself :)

  3. i love cookbooks :)

    but especially :

    chocolate cakes
    baking for all occasions

    thanks! those 4 are my favorites too

  4. Love your list of cookbook -- good selection.

    well, fingers crossed, I hope I can win all these :)

  5. YUMMY List! I'd love all of these -- but I could live without the Meat Bible, frankly. :-)

    hey, thanks for stopping by!

  6. The Cake Stencils book could be really fun to work on with my daughter. Great list of fun books. Good luck!
    Thanks! foxsquirrelrabbit at gmail dot com

    oh, that book is definitely a book to love to have! good luck to you too!

  7. Fantastic selection. Love this giveaway.

    thank you, good luck to you!

  8. You selection has made me hungry for Whoopie Pies...I love them! Good luck in the contest!

    Mollydedwards AT yahoo DOT com

    I agree! good luck to you too!

  9. Love your list, would love Tartine.

    glad you approve :)

  10. This is such a brilliant marketing contest for Chronicle. Good luck on your list, I hope I get to take it home as well!

    yeah, that'll be sweet!

  11. Oh my gosh...fabulous cookbooks! Good luck!

    same to you!

  12. Great choices ~ they have so many to pick from I don't know how you narrowed it down so well. Thanks for the chance and Good Luck!


    I had to go one book at a time, time-consuming but well worth it! :) good luck to you too

  13. Gaby @ Starting FreshNovember 21, 2010 at 2:44 PM

    Great list - I have some of the same cookbooks on my list.

    I love Chronicle - this is such a generous giveaway. If you'd like to see my list (many cookbooks and children's books), drop by

    Thanks for the entry.

    gaby317nyc at

    yes, very generous giveaway especially if we can win it! :D

  14. Farmer's Market Desserts looks great! Good luck!

    thank you, same to you!

  15. I love your cooking selection and the cake stencils look interesting. That is something I've never tried before! Thanks for the entry.

    thank you for commenting, good luck!

  16. OH my for a foodie like me this list is incredible. I hope you win.

    thank you!

  17. Yummy list! Good luck!

    Come on over and check out my short list:

    I will! thanks!

  18. Oh yeah! Great list! We have some of the same cookbooks on our lists!

    cool! hope one of us can win :)

  19. love your Foodies lovers list.


  20. I love your list! I hope you win!!! Stop by my blog to check out my list too!

    jamie.l.torres at gmail dot com


  21. GREAT LIST!!!

    ncnguyen514 [at] gmail [dot] com

    thank you!

  22. Great List, Good Luck. I love all the cake books.

    oh yeah, you too!

  23. Oh my. What an amazing selection of cookbooks - my favorite bedtime reading material! But really, this entry is for my teenage son, who is an aspiring chef. He is a really good cook already, and has a few of his own cookbooks and tools. He started cooking when he was two! This would be such a treasure trove for him. Good luck to you!

    oh I hope he can win! it's amazing how young they can start cooking! good luck.

  24. Lots of great cookbooks!

    thanks to Chronicle books for producing them!

  25. One look at this list and I'm starving...oh my goodness--what a treat! Very different from the ones I selected See My List Here but a really delightful list nevertheless. I would absolutely love to win either one.

    thank you for coming Teresa. you have a great list as well! good luck!

  26. what a great list! here's hoping we win!

    k_sunshine1977 at yahoo dot com

    lol, one of us will!

  27. Yum--fantastic list. Good luck.

    same to you!

  28. Great list! Best of luck.

    If you'd like to comment on mine:

    pmathers at jps dot ne

    thanks, same to you!

  29. WOW I love this contest. Thanks for giving us a chance to win.

    I love your list. The food pics are making me hungry!

    thanks! good luck to you!

  30. Love this list! Mine wandered around, but there's a fair number of cooking books included. :)

    you've a great list! good luck to you too!

  31. this is such a great cookbook list! love it.


  32. good luck!


  33. totally crossing my fingers too - you have the best list!

    thanks! I'm crossing mine as well :D

  34. great list! best of luck!

    yes you too!

  35. TOTALLY IN LOVE WITH YOUR LIST! I hope we both win! :)

    let's hope so!

  36. Just looking at all these book covers makes us salivate.

    Oh yeah, those are good books to have for any foodie's library!

  37. Oooooh...I love cookbooks! Fun!

    nfmgirl AT gmail DOT com


  38. Good selection of titles. Good luck to both of us. And Thank You to Chronicle Books.

    jcamp2020 at aol dot com

    good job!

    thanks! yes, a big thank you for Chronicle Books for having this contest.

  39. What a great list of books!


    hey thanks for stopping by as well!

  40. great list! good luck to both of us!


  41. Fabulous choices, especially the Beatles book!
    Lilyhoot at gmail dot com

    thumbs up for the Beatles book!