Hello!  If you just stumble here by accident, let me introduce myself.  I am a mother to an 12-year old son (and going!) and a wife of an undisclosed age husband, and I have a passion to cook, bake, and eat a variety of food.  I didn't start cooking or baking until I got married when I suddenly had the craving to create dishes that my mom made or foods we ate as a family when I was growing up.  And having a family of my own means a lot to me, I thrive to make food we eat as a family as healthy, fun, comforting, yet at the same time as diverse as possible .

Lucky for me, I have a wonderful set of parents who introduced me to exciting world of food from my early childhood years. Traditions and adventures in food are what make me passionate about it .  My cooking isn't fancy or too fussy, rather it's something familiar that my family would enjoy from time to time; and I try to incorporate local and seasonal products/harvest as often as possible. I believe in cooking with the season, it's something almost required nowadays.  I hope to share a little bit with you as I take notes and write what I like to make and create at home.

My husband and I originally came from Indonesia, and we are both of Chinese descents. Right now we're residing in the lovely and wet state of Oregon in the U.S. in a wonderful city called West Linn.  I've been living in the US for half of my life now and I continue to discover many great opportunities that I officially call West Linn my hometown now.

This blog is a continuation of my old food blogs, which is also called notes from my food diary and notesfrommyfooddiary.com, but are now defunctive (the more reason for me to recycle those recipes and present them here; but I'm doing it ever so slowly).  This will be my new home, a home that I hope will be as comfortable as the old one.  I also keep my other food blog, which has mostly Indonesian recipes and is written in Bahasa Indonesia, which is named Dapur Ngebul Terus. It translates roughly to "a kitchen that never ceases burning."

In addition to write in my blog, I occasionally develop recipes and write food articles.  Enjoy your time here and contact me at: eliza.adam@comcast.net if you have any questions!

Eliza Adam

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