Saturday, December 15, 2012

Holiday Indulge

This summer I once again had to do articles for Zupan's Indulge magazine.  The articles were for fall/winter edition of the magazine and let's just say I had a lot to tackle :)  I had to cover in-season produce and also an article about food and travel in Indonesia.  Now, this wasn't as easy as people would have thought because Indonesia has such diverse ethnicities and foods.  A  few weeks later, a breath of relief once everything's all done and submitted.


I just received the issue in the mail and it was awesome to see the articles printed alongside the recipes.  And my crown roast photo for Carlton Farm graces the  back cover of the magazine :)  My 2012 was a productive year for me for sure.

If you live locally, you can pick up the Indulge magazine at any Zupan's Market!

1 comment:

  1. Wow, what a fantastic work Liza! So proud of you, I really do.
    Your writing is one of a kind, so beautiful and cant get enough to read. Your story truly blown me away...and I love it!

    Thank you for your kind comment Ira, I appreciate your friendship!