Monday, December 17, 2012


To my readers: I just discovered yesterday that new & old post links from my food blog are being directed to adult content websites when seen on mobile devices. The same thing will happen if you're to search my blog's name using mobile devices, you're going to be redirected to those same websites. But if you access the links from home computer, they're working fine and will link back to my food blog.

I'm currently working to solve this problem soon but don't know the definitive answer yet. I apologize to anyone who's encountered the problem, I've no idea how long has it been doing it. I'm mad & disappointed that this could happen to my blog.Thank you for being supportive during this misshapen--Eliza

Well, there it is.  It's not the end of the world but I feel helpless now because this type of technical difficulties is beyond me and I've to wait for someone to fix it for me.  I don't like waiting but I need to be patient.  I'm just hoping it can be resolved and won't happen again.

While this thing is brewing in the background, I did some baking last Sunday.  I baked gingersnaps cookies for a friend and hand pies for my family.  The house smelled so good when the gingersnaps were cooling on the racks.  I didn't have a chance to snap pictures of it so I won't share the recipe.  Perhaps the next time I'm making it again, I will write it down here.  As for the hand pies, I used some cranberry-orange relish that was a leftover when I made it for Indulge magazine.  The relish was quite thick, sweet enough, and I thought was a perfect filling for hand pies.  As for the crust, I used store-bought; which I thought wasn't too bad.  As for the shape, well, Christmas is coming soon and what perfect shape than Christmas tree and snowflake.  I got about 8 hand pies by using double pie crust.  Not bad, eh?  So here they are...until next time!

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  1. I know how you feeling Liza! and hopefully it would solved very soon...

    Love the looks of your hand pie, so festive and Christmasy

    Thank you for your support Ra...*hugs*