Thursday, September 2, 2010

Two great news

Today is unbelievably exciting.  Two great news in a day is certainly a good reason to celebrate, though I haven't a slightest idea where and how I will celebrate :)  The above photo of fig and mascarpone represents how "calm" my heart right now.

The first news is quite predictable.  The fall issue of Zupan's magazine, Indulge, is out in Zupan's stores and online today.  What surprised me was that they put my pear-ginger charlotte on the cover of the magazine.  As soon as I woke up, I went online, and logged on Zupan's website.  I gasped once I saw the photo; editor didn't tell me beforehand :)  But I am relieved that the photo looks great as the cover and looking inside the magazine, I'm very pleased of the contents.  Really solid editorial theme and photos throughout the issue.   Please visit Indulge online or go to Zupan's store for the hard copy, you'll find inspiring fall season recipes.

The second news is a shocker.  Truly, I didn't expect this to come into my inbox in the afternoon.  I think my heart skipped a beat when I read the email :)  Foodista chose my Green Tea-Chocolate Steamed Cupcakes to be in their The Foodista Best of Food Blogs Cookbook!  Though honestly, before the email reached me, I kept checking Foodista's website, trying to found out if they've announced the 100 winners yet.  Call me vain, but I'm so happy beyond belief, giddy like a 16-year old getting her new driver's license.   I'm thankful to Sheri Wetherell who's been patient with me and by emailing me back and forth in regards to the instructions.  The book will be out in October 19, 2010 and it can be pre-order through Amazon by clicking here.  Now, I can't wait till October 19, it's still a month and a half away!


  1. OMG, Congratulation Eliza. I think you deserve this, your photos are always stunning and you are very talented baker as well. Congratulation :)

    Elra, you're a dear lady! Thank you for your comment. Like I said, I've never in my mind thought that I'd win the cookbook contest, so I'm floored as well. Now, get back to work as usual :)

  2. Congrats dear... my apology for sending my applause a bit late :-)
    I am so proud of you, dear!

    hey, where have you been! I've been meaning to send you email, but miss procrastinator here forgot :) thank you for the wish Tuty!