Sunday, August 1, 2010

Start writing again, soon

Pardon me for not writing for a long time.  I had a month-long vacation to Hong Kong and Indonesia in June and has just arrived back in town July 21.  My jet lag was pretty bad that since I was back home, I didn't want to do anything else except sleeping in ungodly hour.  My son ended up badly too, he would be up in the middle of the night, complaining that he's hungry :)   Not for me, though, I didn't have much appetite for eating.  I had too much of good food when I was in Hong Kong and Indonesia that I didn't feel like making anything.  Plus, with an extra five-pound around my waist, I'd better watch what I eat!

Thus, no recipe, no new food pictures, nothing to share at this moment; well, except for this photo of mango ice cream I got to savor in Hong Kong.  Looks like this month would be a very relaxing month for me.  I'm slowly getting back to my routine and am trying to enjoying a mild summer in Oregon.  After a month of heat and humidity, it's quite nice to have a mid-70's temperature, though the mornings could be a bit cold for me now.  I don't want the summer to go away too soon, but I've been away for a month, for pete's sake!

One chore that I have to do (a must for the summer!) is picking blueberries on the backyard of my parents' house.  I wanted to make blueberry sauce and pie filling this time; sounds wonderful isn't it?  Maybe this will be a momentum for my writing to get going!  Fingers crossed :)

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