Saturday, February 27, 2010

Welcome to my new home!

Hello everyone!  This is so exciting, I have a new home now.  For a couple of years I've been thinking of revamping my old blog, but I discovered that having my food blog on Blogsome is not the best idea to start with.   Blog themes are limited and even if I want to change it, it's almost impossible for a computer illiterate like me to change the codes and layout.  I gave up and the idea of moving somewhere else seemed daunting.  I put this on the back burner and tried to forget it.  Until a few months ago, I had a conversation with Dhita, a newfound friend from another blogosphere, who is a freelance web designer.  She finally convinced me to move my food blog to a real Word Press based theme and hosted by her.  I finally exhaled an approval sigh.

I still can't move all my posts from my old blog, I know it's a bit disheartened to hear.  Though I'm hoping that starting new will rejuvenate my spirit.  So this new blog will start slow while I'm working behind the curtain, tweaking it with Dhita's guidance until it is finally completed.  In the meantime, please enjoy your visit here and don't hesitate to leave comments for me!


  1. Hi Eliza,

    Congrats on your new home!

    thanks Tuty! I'm linking your blog here too!

  2. Keren Liz...congrats yah!

    thanks Lid, keep coming back! :)

  3. congrat, liz...

    thank you deasy...

  4. Eliza, congratz on the move! Just so you know you are very inspiring and love the recipes! I've even tried out your steamed salted egg yolk bun long long ago! Keep up the work and yes, it is sad to hear that importing old posts here will be real troublesome....what a waste of gorgeous goodness :(

    thank you Quinn. I guess when it's time to move, I have to sacrifice something. it's kinda sad but I hope to be so comfortable here that I'd be able to forget it :)